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About me

Who am I?

Having faced and overcome multiple challenges myself, after having lived independently in multiple cities since the age of 16, I know how priceless peace of mind is and how significant is one’s growth. Hence, our quest became a pursuit of growth, both internal and external, personal, and professional, yours and mine. Ours.

I am Dimple Mehta, a certified NLP practitioner, coach, entrepreneur, and mother. After topping the University of Wollongong in Dubai for Master of International Business, I continued my entrepreneurial journey when I realized that there are lots of dynamics involved in the overall wellbeing of people given the lifestyle that we live today.  

How would you feel if you could be free? Liberated? Your Authentic self?

If that sounds exciting to you, you are exactly where you need to be. Our Quest is to replace your “Limiting Beliefs” with a ‘Higher State of Consciousness & Awareness’. 

At Our Quest, we are passionate about self-improvement, wellness, and helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential. We enjoy empowering people. Let us pursue the quest together to attain a higher state of consciousness and awareness. 

Our commitment is to provide you with authenticity, empathy, understanding, and thorough support. We aim at helping you to live a more empowered, positive, and anxiety-free life. Our efficient tailor-made holistic techniques help transform you and bring all the beautiful changes. You get to know yourself better, while being guided, to discover the Authentic You. We aim to create a harmony between the mind, body, and soul. From impacting the lives of kids, teens, and tweens to coaching adults. From conducting group workshops to corporate training, we have got you covered. Let us work together towards your growth!

We respect your privacy and provide complete confidentiality.

All our sessions are considered ‘coaching’ and not counselling or therapy or psychological treatment.


Our Mission is to make consciousness go viral. Its this wisdom that can truly enrich our lives and we can be our authentic self and reach our true potentials. We aim at serving as many people as we can in unlocking their true potentials.


Our Vision is to bring awareness among people and bring a change in the future generations towards a more sustainable and ethical living. We aim at achieving emotional intelligence that enables you to deal with any situation or challenge in your life. We help in healing you from the past traumas and moving forward into the present life and creating a fulfilling future.

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