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Positive Parenting Coaching


Positive Parenting Coaching

Being a parent in today’s world is one of the most challenging things. One may have to struggle to keep up, new challenges pop up every day and then there is never ending judgements. All these play a part. Parents today need help to get the best out of themselves, their child and their relationship.

Through Positive Parenting Coaching, I aid parents with specific strategies and techniques to help both the parents and the children reach their fullest potential. We create a harmony in their relationships while enabling them both to be their authentic self.

In the approach of positive parenting, we be present and conscious in the moment of parenting free from our limiting beliefs, previous paradigms, or behaviors.

By being a positive parent today – we can make better choices, better decisions which will eventually bring about a better tomorrow.

Together in our sessions we explore and identify:

  • problem areas in the parent-child relationships,
  • parents’ alternatives to traditional disciplinary techniques,
  • how to reduce the occurrence of triggers and conflict
  • how to establish trust, connecting and build stronger bonds