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We often have so many things to do that we feel time is short. Things are always pending. And that causes so many imbalances and issues beyond.
So, this episode brings to you 5 tools for time management that are sure to make you reap exponential benefits out of the same time with increased productivity or output. These priceless tools are shared by successful entrepreneur and networker Chirantan Joshi who is also one of the authors of the book Mastering Time.

Key Takeaways

00:05 Introduction

02:06 What is time management

04:24 5 tools for time management

06:28 Waiting list

12:05 To do list

16:51 Calendarizing

18:31 WWW Who What When

25:06 Conclusion


Dimple Mehta

Podcast Host

This episode is to learn how to manage time well and utilize it properly to achieve exponentially.


About Dimple Mehta

Dimple Mehta

Educator, Entrepreneur and Mother, Dimple Mehta is Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. In these blogs and podcasts, she shares bite size stories, experiences, tips, conversations that can help you achieve balanced growth in your life. You can relate to the situations discussed on this show. You will learn a thing or two about how to grow at a rapid yet steady pace, to be productive both at work and with your family. To achieve consistent growth as an individual. You will find answers to the Quests that bother you.
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