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Organization as a skill could probably be one of the most important ones. Results, outputs, productivity heavily depends on how organized the work has been. Joining us today is a lawyer in Dubai, UAE, Zahra Baig, who has currently taken a break to raise a lovely boy. 

Key Takeaways

00:05 Introduction

02:06 What does being organized mean

04:24 Organization as a skill is gifted or can be learned or acquired?

06:28 How is organization and productivity related?

12:05 How is organization different from simply managing time?

16:51 Tips on how one can begin to be better organized

25:06 Conclusion


Dimple Mehta

Podcast Host

This episode is to learn how to be more productive by being better organized.

About Dimple Mehta

Dimple Mehta

Educator, Entrepreneur and Mother, Dimple Mehta is Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. In these blogs and podcasts, she shares bite size stories, experiences, tips, conversations that can help you achieve balanced growth in your life. You can relate to the situations discussed on this show. You will learn a thing or two about how to grow at a rapid yet steady pace, to be productive both at work and with your family. To achieve consistent growth as an individual. You will find answers to the Quests that bother you.
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