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In this episode we talk about how mindsets affect business and leadership decisions with Punit Shah who is the founder of Cityone tourism and Managing Director of Yuti Breweries and K hotels.

Key Takeaways

00:01 Introduction

01:00 Can somebody’s mindset affect their business? Can the growth or success or failure of an organization depend on mindset of its people?

01:30 How does the mindset affect management decisions?

02:55 How does mindset affect leadership?

05:00 CEO disease

06:40 Do you want to face your mistakes and improve, or do you want to be worshipped by your team and get rid of all the critics?

07:55 Whether to choose short term strategies that can boost your company’s profit and valuation immediately and make you a hero, a star. OR whether to work for a long-term improvement which may not make you much popular as it’s for the health and the growth of the company for long term.

09:10 Are leaders born or made?

10:50 Are managers or negotiators born or made?

11:40 How would the business leaders of the future be? Fixed mindsets or growth mindsets?

13:20 Conclusion



Dimple Mehta


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Dimple Mehta

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