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In this episode we talk about how can one generate passive income streams and multiply income sources in a smarter manner. Investment Advisor Mr. Monish Shah from Optima Capitol, Dubai, UAE, joins us in the show to advise the listeners about few easy ways of generating passive income streams.

Key Takeaways

00:01 Introduction

01:00 What is Passive income?

01:30 Is work required to generate passive income?

02:55 What is NOT passive income (Investments which people may confuse with passive income)?

05:00 5 passive income stream generating ideas

06:40 How many passive income streams should one have?

07:55 Is debt bad?

09:10 Is starting to invest at a younger age more beneficial?

10:50 What passive income stream should a beginner begin with?

11:40 Conclusion



Dimple Mehta


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Dimple Mehta

Educator, Entrepreneur and Mother, Dimple Mehta is Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. In these blogs and podcasts, she shares bite size stories, experiences, tips, conversations that can help you achieve balanced growth in your life. You can relate to the situations discussed on this show. You will learn a thing or two about how to grow at a rapid yet steady pace, to be productive both at work and with your family. To achieve consistent growth as an individual. You will find answers to the Quests that bother you.
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