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Do you want to generate better results with your efforts? Do you often feel tired or drained? Do you want to increase your productivity or performance? How can you do that? This episode of Our Quest helps you to understand what it takes to manage your energy. What difference can it make when energy is managed well. And see for yourself, how you can grow exponentially by managing your energy right. 

Key Takeaways

00:01 Introduction

01:30 What is energy

03:20 How it impacts our way of working and results that are generated from our work

05:00 5 Areas of Energy sources that exist in all of us

07:05 How energy drain happens from these sources of energy

09:10 How to manage the energy - avoid energy drains and charge higher energy

10:50 How to balance all energy sources for higher productivity and performance



Dimple Mehta


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Change is the only thing constant. And growth isn’t always comfortable. If you want to grow in any aspect of your life, this podcast will help you.

Energy is everything. Everything that may exist, begins with energy. When your energy is high, huge things happen. When you are low in energy, things may not move so much. Energy effects our life, our results, our goals, everything.

Energy is an infinite and renewable resource that we all have. When you manage that right, you can achieve whatever it is that you want, exponentially. Energy can get depleted and withered within the day, and you can renew it too. What you do with your energy matters. Whether you use your energy or not, it will deplete.

Today I am going to tell you about 5 areas, where you should manage your energy. Yes, there are 5 ways in which our energy affects us. These are great sources of energy for us and enable us to do so much more. At the same time, they can be the medium through which Energy drain happens. So you need to make sure that you are preventing energy drains while charging yourself to be at a higher energy. Each of them needs attention and care to be well managed to achieve the desired outcomes. So, lets dive straight into it:


  1. Physical energy or our Body: Let’s say you slept late last night, so you are tired today because you didn’t get enough sleep. Would you have the energy to perform your tasks the way you do with full energy? Wouldn’t it affect your productivity despite how well you have organized your day? Our body needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night, regular exercising at least 3-4 times per week, and eating healthy meals at regular intervals of 3-4 hours every day. If any of these are missed, the body starts giving us signs of depleting physical energy. If you don’t sleep well, you would feel lethargic the next day. You won’t feel refreshed. If you don’t exercise regularly, you may feel tired or sluggish all the time. If you don’t eat well, the right nutrition at the right intervals, your body would be deprived of nourishment that it needs to function properly. Your physical energy would not be able to deliver the productivity you need. When you are down with fever or flu, you take a medicine to feel better right? You basically want to feel how your body normally feels. Imagine if you can make your body’s normal way better by investing in it through exercise, sleep, and healthy diet? How great would that feel? Wouldn’t you be able to do so much more at that high energy?
  2. Mental energy or our mind: Let’s say your mind is preoccupied with something that’s worrying you. Would you be able to focus on the work that needs your focus? Will your mental energy support you in delivering what you had planned to deliver during this day? Your mind works best when it is clear from worries or disturbances. When it can focus. When your mind is at present. A major problem we face with managing our mental energy is not being able to manage between What If and What is. Let me explain. Imagine, your house is on fire, what would you do first? Try to put out the fire or sit and wonder that oh my god, the worst has happened, what would I do, I have lost so much and so on? Obviously, you would first try to put out the fire, right? That is because you can see that there IS a fire in front of you. And you would deal with the IF later. This decision is rather easier when you can see problems right in front of you. When our mind cannot see the problem much clearly, we often tend to drift towards what if, this happened or that happened, instead of focusing on what is happening. That’s where a lot of mental energy drain happens. And it’s simple to avoid that mental energy drain, but that needs a lot of practice. You would have to make conscious effort of bringing your mind to present whenever it is drifting. Meditation and breathing exercises help in these. If you find yourself complaining or overthinking regularly, or just scrolling through your phone or laptop or switching through series of shows or movies, may be your mind would not have mental clarity. It would not be able to focus at one thing. You need to express your thoughts well, either to a friend or family member or a professional or simply journal out your thoughts. You need to gather your thoughts. You need to gather your focus. You need to get a mental clarity, only then the mental energy can work in your favor.
  3. Emotional energy: Here comes the role of Emotional Intelligence. You cannot get rid of those emotions. They exist in all of us. And they exist for good. However, they need to be managed well. Managing emotions need a lot of practice. If you are to participate and win in a sports competition for example, you need practice. You need to build the right muscles. You need to train well and be the best version of you at that skill. Managing emotions would need that training, skill development and lots of practice. Otherwise, just how you would fail at the sport competition without the right training and muscles and strategies, emotional energy drain can be just the same. You can make a lot of difference by simply beginning with being aware of your own emotions. Anger, Anxiety, happiness, or sadness, none of them can get you things done. When you can manage your emotions or your mood, you can have a much better emotional energy that will support and enable higher productivity. Which in turn can deliver your desired outcomes. Let’s say you are disturbed or frustrated or angry because of something that your family member did. Wouldn’t your emotional energy take a toll? Wouldn’t it affect your productivity and performance? In such a case, if you want to procrastinate the work, are you managing time improperly or is it your emotional energy that needs better management? Its your emotion right, so observe, what is triggering you, be aware of the cause and the reaction and make conscious effort to manage your reaction to such cause the next time. That’s how you start to manage your emotional energy.
  4. Spiritual energy or our soul: In the race of achieving the daily tasks, sometimes you may miss out on taking care of the very soul within you. Let’s say, you have a great body that you are regularly taking care of, by eating well, sleeping well, exercising regularly. You also have great mental energy and emotional energy but somehow you always feel lost. You feel this job does not suit you, or a business that is your passion seems like a farfetched dream or an inner calling that you have been ignoring for so long. Even with everything else going well, you may not be satisfied with your life because your energy drain may still be happening through this source. Then it may give you signs of depleting energy. So, you must recharge your soul. Every now and then. Whether it’s by travelling or by being in nature or simply by praying or meditation. Take care of your soul and see the wonders it can do for you. Pay attention to what your soul needs you to do and cater to that first. Because that is high source of energy that can align everything else much better.
  5. Social energy or our social circle: You may be an outgoing person or super shy. You may be an introvert or an extrovert. Nonetheless, we are all social creatures. Being alone, reduces our energy levels. Check for yourselves. We have all experienced lockdowns or quarantines. When you meet with friends, family members, colleagues, that charges our social energy. Social interactions boost us. It can plunge our productivity.

You need to be aware of what is depleting your energy and what is charging it? What is holding you back and what is boosting your performance and productivity. What is it that you dread doing and what is it that you enjoy?

Think of this as, you must go from point A to pint B to deliver a package to somebody. That’s your goal. To deliver the package to the person at point B. You decided to drive to point B to deliver the package. So, you need a car, you need a driver’s license that allows you to drive, you need fuel in the car that enables your car to move forward, you need to be in the car to drive. And you need the person at the point B to receive the package. It’s really the same as our energies. The car represents our body, license our mind, fuel the emotions, you, the soul, and the other person the social circle. With any of these missing the goal can’t be accomplished. You need them all to achieve whatever goal you want to achieve.

When you manage your energy, you have a well-balanced life. Isn’t that what we all want?


About Dimple Mehta

Dimple Mehta

Educator, Entrepreneur and Mother, Dimple Mehta is Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. In these blogs and podcasts, she shares bite size stories, experiences, tips, conversations that can help you achieve balanced growth in your life. You can relate to the situations discussed on this show. You will learn a thing or two about how to grow at a rapid yet steady pace, to be productive both at work and with your family. To achieve consistent growth as an individual. You will find answers to the Quests that bother you.
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