Our Quest


35. Diksha Vohra – Detaching from attachments

Summary: Mindfulness and spirituality is now embraced and practiced by many. Yet we struggle with attachments. Today we have a spiritually awakened entrepreneur, founder of Digital by Diksha Vohra, Dubai, UAE. She is an excellent entrepreneur at the same time

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34. Meghna Khan – Finding your passion

Summary: They say follow your passion to make your life meaningful. But we often get stuck at finding our passion. Listen to this episode with Meghna Khan from MK Counseling Services, Dubai, UAE, where she explains how to find your

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30. 10 tips to live in the present

Summary: We all know that the wisdom teachers and spiritual gurus always advise to live in the present or live in the moment, yet we struggle to do so.So, this podcast brings to you 10 simple tips to live in

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